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 Tanya Barton

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Tanya Barton
Tanya Barton

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PostSubject: Tanya Barton   Tanya Barton EmptyTue Jan 15, 2013 5:11 pm

The Basics

[Full Name]: Tanya Danielle Barton

[Also Known As]: T., Dani, Barton

[Secret Identity]: N/A

[Birthdate]: July 12th

[Age]: 16

[Race]: Human

[Place of Birth]: Baton Rouge, Lousiana

[Current Location]: New York City, New York

[Job]: student


[Celebrity Face Claim]: Jennifer Lawrence

[Hair Color & Style]: Blonde wavy long hair

[Eye Color]: Green

[Skin Type]: White

[Height]: 5' 8''

[Body Type]: Slim, but not too slim figure

[Dress Style]: tomboyish, but sometimes she enjoys to dress up

Character Traits

[Likes]: going to the beach, watching movies, driving, amusement parks, hanging out with her friends and parties

[Dislikes]: mornings, school, being alone, getting yelled at, dogs, bugs, heights and pink

[Strengths]: loyal, good at keeping secrets, persistent

[Weaknesses]: stubborn, naive, gets too attatched to people

[Special Talents & Skills]:Fast learner, good at painting, drawing and sports

[Good? Bad? Neutral?]: Neutral

[Do They Have a Sense of Right and Wrong?]: No, she doesn't, she just thinks that what people tell her must be right.


[Family]: Up until she was thirteen years old, it was only Tanya and her mother, and she grew close to the woman, creating a bond that was more than just a mother daughter relationship. Her mother wasn't very close to her family, so other than her grandmother, Tanya didn't really know any of her other family members. But when Tanya's mother started to get ill, she discovered she had a dad that lived in New York City, so after her mother passed away, she went to live with him.

[Personal]: Tanya was always the kind of girl who wanted everyone's attention, because she grew up with only her mother, she always feel like she could have more attention. So she tended to go to parties when invited, or simply just go out with friends, but after her mother died she kind of closed up, because she's scared she might lose someone again.


[Mother]: Felicia Blaise

[Father]: Barney Barton

[Siblings]: --

[Children]: --

[Other relatives?]:

Clint Barton - Uncle

Natasha Barton - Aunt


[Pets]: a hamster called freddie

[Friends]: -- (not in the city, all from Lousina)

[Enemies]: n/a

[Acquaintances]: Barbara Morse
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Tanya Barton

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