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 Darcy Lewis

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Darcy Lewis
Darcy Lewis

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PostSubject: Darcy Lewis   Darcy Lewis EmptySun Mar 03, 2013 11:46 am

The Basics

[Full Name]: Darcy J. Lewis

[Also Known As]: Darce, The D

[Secret Identity]: Nobody knows it, but she is the Real Slim Shady. Totally. There is absolutely no deception going on here.

[Birthdate]: March 16

[Age]: 18

[Race]: Caucasian

[Place of Birth]: Silver City, New Mexico

[Current Location]: New York City, New York

[Job]: On top of online college classes (which definitely counts as a full-time occupation, thank you very much), she considers herself an equal opportunity employee. Which means she does everything - mostly waitressing, for some reason.


[Celebrity Face Claim]: Kat Dennings

[Hair Color & Style]: Brown hair that starts out straight and then curls, which looks really bad if she doesn't style it. It tends to frizz up too, which is frankly annoying.

[Eye Color]: Grey

[Skin Type]: Human...?

[Height]: 5'5"

[Body Type]: Neither super-thin nor super-fat, she doesn't work out and she doesn't laze around. She's just...average.

[Dress Style]: Comfortable things. Usually natural colors, like brown and green.

[Other]: Glasses that are definitely not hipster, no matter what anyone tells you.

Character Traits

[Likes]: Pop culture, good music, bad music, mediocre music, constellations, Norse mythology, the zodiac, Greek mythology, the taste of her name, strawberries, banjos, silly stupid romantic music, parody music, 'They Want the D' jokes, generally tumblr, British celebrities, junk food

[Dislikes]: Enclosed spaces, anime, feeling powerless, bad TV shows, douchebags, comic books, prejudice against non-powered people, spiders, nutrition, math, math, math, people who don't understand sarcasm, social justice bloggers, puns

[Strengths]: Analytical and observant, with an uncanny ability to reason her way out of almost every situation. She has a pretty big suspension of disbelief and could probably outsnark most of the people she knows - or at least, she could outsnark anyone back in New Mexico.

[Weaknesses]: Along with pressing claustrophobia and the fact that she's basically the furthest thing from a superhero possible, she tends to be driven almost entirely by emotions rather than logic. She also really, really hates anything that could be learned in a public school.

[Special Talents & Skills]: She has an awesome taser.

[Good? Bad? Neutral?]: Good

[Do They Have a Sense of Right and Wrong?]: She has a sense of it; she just doesn't always care.


[Family]: Single father who lives in Silver City, New Mexico at the moment - they keep in close contact. Her mother abandoned them both when Darcy was a small child. Darcy's trademark snark is actually mostly just a carbon copy of her dad's, though it's reportedly turned up to eleven. She also has an Aunt Carol who is, frankly, annoyingly overbearing.

[Personal]: Darcy's life was depressingly average until she was about 16 years old, when she met Jane Foster. After finishing out her high school education and keeping in contact with the astrophysicist, she had taken on a place as Jane's assistant - which lasted about three months before the most attractive man she'd ever seen fell out of the sky. Since then, she decided that her college degree was not actually going to wait another year (or that was the excuse for New York, anyway) and went in search of a way to make Jane stop looking so sad, and preferably a way to get back in contact with Dr. Selvig.


[Mother]: Louise Grant Mason

[Father]: Mark Mason Lewis

[Siblings]: None

[Children]: Nope

[Other relatives?]: Carol Danvers (Aunt, ex-married)


[Pets]: She intends to buy a bird when she can handle one.

[Friends]: Jane Foster, Dr. Selvig, Thor, The Warriors Three, Sif, Phil Coulson (?)

[Enemies]: Loki, the general douchebags of everywhere

[Acquaintances]: Phil Coulson(?)
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Darcy Lewis

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