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 Steve Rogers

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Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers

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The Basics

[Full Name]: Steven Rogers

[Also Known As]: Steve, Cap, Captain America

[Birthdate]: July 4th, 1917

[Age]: 25 [+70 years on ice, but who's counting?]

[Astrological Sign]: Cancer

[Chinese Zodiac]: The Snake

[Race]: Human

[Place of Birth]: Brooklyn, New York

[Current Location]: Brooklyn, New York

[Job]: Professional Soldier, Superhero


[Celebrity Face Claim]: Chris Evans

[Hair Color & Style]: Blond, Clean Cut

[Eye Color]: Blue

[Skin Type]: Light Tan

[Height]: 6'2"

[Body Type]: 240lbs, well muscled.

[Dress Style]: Clean Cut, and frequently in uniform.


Character Traits

[Likes]: Freedom, Justice, and Fighting for What is Right

[Dislikes]: Being lost in a strange new world, being teased for not knowing things everyone takes for granted, and anything that threatens the inherent rights every human deserves.

[Strengths]: The SuperSoldier Serum gifted Rogers with an increased physical capability that most humans cannot attain. He can bench press 1,100 pounds, and run nearly a mile a minute. However, his true strength comes from his heart and his strength in his convictions.

[Weaknesses]: At the end of the day, he is only human. He has the same fears and worries that every day man has; no matter that he is strong enough to work through them.

[Desires]: All of his life, Steve has only wanted to fight for what is right. He will continue doing that at every opportunity. The only thing he truly desires at the moment is a way to fit into the modern era he has found himself in.

[Fears]: Death. Not so much his own, but that of the people he is sworn to protect.

[Special Talents & Skills]: Combat Training, Firearm Training, Leadership Experience

[Mannerisms or Habits]: He has a tendency to use terms that have long since died out, simply because that is how he grew up speaking. Can be defensive at times.

[Feelings on Their Own Personal Appearance?]: He remembers that getting used to his advanced form took a little while, but other than that he has no true opinion about his appearance.

[Outgoing or shy?]: Outgoing when he can take a stance of Leadership, but shy in most social situations. He has a hard time remembering that he is allowed to relax when he is off duty.

[Optimist or pessimist?]: Optimist

[Emotional or logical?]: Emotional, he follows his heart, but he is capable of thinking logically.

[Easily Embarrassed, or Out There for The World]: Once again, it depends on the situation.

[Attitudes Toward Others?]: Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt, unless they have already proven otherwise.

[Prefer Work or Play?]: Work, if only because he is not sure what to do with himself when he's not working.


[Good? Bad? Neutral?]: Good

[Do They Have a Sense of Right and Wrong?]: Yes, of course.

[Do They Feel Guilty for Anything?]: Not being able to save Bucky when he fell from the train.


[Dream Job]: Joining the Army

[Will They or Won't They Get it? Why?]: He did, and now he is a superhero in his own right.

[Want to Get Married?]: Has not thought about it in a long time, but maybe... some day.

[Do You Want Children?]: Would not say no, but at the same time he can not imagine bringing children into an unsafe world.

[Their Dreams For the Future?]: Providing safety and a sense of security for all of mankind.

[Sum up your character with a single sentence.... could be something original or a quote]: Always fight for what you believe in.


[Family]: Steve's childhood left a bit to be desired. Only son of poor Irish immigrants, Sarah and Joseph Rogers, young Steve lost his father early on. During his teen years, his mother died of pneumonia.

[Personal]: Steve was very sickly as a child. Physically weak, he spent much of his time focusing on art to occupy his time. When World War II began picking up speed, Steve was horrified at the atrocities happening around the world. He was filled with a drive to do something; be out there and help solve the problem instead of sitting back and watching.

Unfortunately, his childhood illnesses caused him to not meet the physical requirements of joining the Army. No matter how hard he trained and tried, there was no way for him pass the tests. Eventually, he got caught filling out the enlistment form with a fraudulent name. Instead of being arrested for lying to the government, he was recruited. Under the guise of general bootcamp, Steve and a group of other men were put through a series of tests. Although another, stronger, soldier passed the tests that Steve could not, his drive and determination proved him far more worthy of being asked to join a special division.

This 'Science Division' was in charge of a project known as 'Operation Rebirth'. This project would entail volunteering to take what was known as the Super-Soldier Serum. If he survived, his body would attain physical perfection, and he would finally be able to go into battle as a formidable force. Or so he was told. Imagine his chagrin when he emerged from the process as a super soldier, but was then drafted into a song and dance troupe to increase funding for the army. Finally he had a body that was useful, but he was not allowed to do anything more than smile and pretend to punch a man dressed as Hitler.

When he found that his best friend and fellow soldier, James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes, had been taken hostage and was imprisoned behind enemy lines, Steve went rogue. In his Captain America costume, and armed with whatever firearms he could carry, Steve broke in to Hydra's lair to rescue his friend and the rest of the soldiers that were being held within. While there, he became involved in foiling the enemy's plan to blow up strategic locations around the globe. Finding no other way to destroy Hydra's weapon, he chose to crash land the plane the bombs were on into frozen arctic waters. At this point, he was assumed dead.

Seventy years later, the plane was found in the ice along with Steve Rogers. To the collective amazement of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team that found him, Steve was very much still alive. Having been frozen for that entire time, Rogers had not aged a day, and was quite shocked to find himself flung far into the future.

Without even the time to settle fully into his new timeline, Steve was quickly drafted by S.H.I.E.L.D. to lead the Avengers into battle against the Asgardian, Loki Laufeyson, and his army of Chitauri. With the aide of the Avengers, the battle against Loki was quickly dealt with and the Avengers disbanded until the next time they would be needed.


[Mother]: Sarah Rogers

[Father]: Joseph Rogers

[Siblings]: None

[Children]: None

[Other relatives?]: None




[Enemies]: Loki

[Acquaintances]: Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Thor, Nick Fury, Phil Coulson, Maria Hill


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Steve Rogers

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