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 Iron Man

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Iron Man
Iron Man

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The Basics

[Non-Civilian Identity]: Iron Man

[Also Known As]: Tony Stark, Man of Iron, Guy in a Tin Can.


[Celebrity Face Claim]: Robert Downey Jr.

[Appearance]: Armored prosthetic

[Key Colors]: Red, gold, and blue.

[Armor Type]: Corbonadium modified titanium alloy designed to withstand high pressures, electrical inputs, and anti-personnel armory. It is a fully-encased suit with an interior body suit used to maintain temperature and cooling for HUD interfacing. Said interfacing is outfitted holographically with the JARVIS AI wirelessly transmitted from Stark Tower. The AI regulates the targeting and weapon system and is user supported for dire emergencies.

[Weapons]: Gauntlets provide the standard repulsor beams that can be traded for short, lethal propulsion beam blasts. This goes double for a high energy repulsion blast located in the chest piece where the arc reactor is strongest. Gauntlets also provide a multi-fire adhesive grenade launcher in the upper arm, and a one-time-use hand-mounted laser weapon nicknamed the 'Death Blossom'. Shoulder pieces hold armor piercing machine rounds.

[Skills]: The suit is mostly built for flying and quick attacks for distracting and/or using the battlefield to take down enemies. Iron Man's weapon accuracy is precise due to JARVIS' impeccable targeting system. If he is forced to combat, he will resort to quick kills to take down his enemy or simply blowing them away.

[Unarmed Fighting Style]: Tony can do a bit of kickboxing but he is absolutely lousy at it. He mainly used it for body strengthening purposes to withstand the massive weight of the armor.

[Other]: Did I fail to mention that his mouth tends to get him out of tight spots pretty easily?


[Sidekick]: JARVIS

[Allies]: Captain America, the Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, Hawkeye, SHIELD.

[Enemies]: Obadiah Stane (deceased), Justin Hammer (incarcerated), Ivan Vanko (deceased), Loki (incarcerated), the Mandarin (TBA), Thanos (TBA)

[Acquaintances]: Pepper, Happy, Coulson


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Iron Man

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