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 Naida Morana

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PostSubject: Naida Morana   Naida Morana EmptySat Jun 23, 2012 1:21 pm

The Basics

[Full Name]: Naida Morana

[Also Known As]: Ida or Icu (Eye-sue)

[Birthdate]: January 1, 1993

[Age]: 19

[Astrological Sign]: Capricorn

[Chinese Zodiac]: Sheep

[Race]: Human

[Place of Birth]: Belarus

[Current Location]: Hiding in an abandoned warehouse

[Job]: None


[Celebrity Face Claim]: Kate Beckinsale

[Hair Color & Style]: Short, black, and spiky

[Eye Color]: Bright blue

[Skin Type]: Very pale

[Height]: 5'7 1/2"

[Body Type]: Thin

[Dress Style]: Cyberpunk or the occasional pinstripe suit

[Other]: Ice particles speckle around her hair, skin, and clothes


Character Traits

[Likes]: Listening to music full blast, playing in the snow, eating foreign food, and drinking tea

[Dislikes]: People who back away from her, hot weather, beaches, daytime, people who interrupt her when she is listening to music, and people who mislead her with lies and fake friendship

[Strengths]: She can endure any cold weather. She can stay calm in any situation (unless in the heat) and she is strong-willed.

[Weaknesses]: The heat makes her tired and sleepy, which can cause issues. Her isolation made it so that she has no friends and doesn't know how to properly act in public, making her gullible to false friendships.

[Desires]: To be normal, to find out who she really is, and to find out whom her family is/was.

[Fears]: To forever be forced out of society.

[Special Talents & Skills]: She has exceptional skills in stealth and survival.

[Mannerisms or Habits]: She constantly tells herself that no one wants to talk to her or be anywhere near her.

[Feelings on Their Own Personal Appearance?]: It’s not so much her appearance that she has negative feelings for, but she could care less about the way she looks.

[Outgoing or shy?]: Shy but outgoing when she gets to know a person

[Optimist or pessimist?]: Pessimist in certain situations . . .

[Emotional or logical?]: Emotional

[Easily Embarrassed, or Out There for The World]: . . . A little of both? I guess she’s easily embarrassed because of how she doesn’t know how to properly act in public . . .

[Attitudes Toward Others?]: She thinks that she isn’t good enough to be around others, so she isolates herself and when someone does talk to her she answers shortly or as politely as possible to ensure that they aren’t freaked out by her.

[Prefer Work or Play?]: Work: She lives in an abandoned warehouse so work is important, she has to get herself food, she has to make sure that her presence isn’t noticed whilst she steals food or is simply in the warehouse.


[Good? Bad? Neutral?]: Neutral, but, with the right words, can easily be falsely leaded into being either bad or good.

[Do They Have a Sense of Right and Wrong?]:No, she’s lived most of her life in seclusion so she doesn’t know what is good or bad to do.

[Do They Feel Guilty for Anything?]: Not really.


[Dream Job]: She doesn’t really have a dream job . . .

[Will They or Won't They Get it? Why?]:

[Want to Get Married?]: She doesn’t think that’ll happen anytime soon . . .

[Do You Want Children?]: It depends

[Their Dreams For the Future?]: To become more human so that she can fit in with the rest of the world. (Due to her isolation she doesn’t know about any of the other heroes)

[Sum up your character with a single sentence.... could be something original or a quote]:


[Family]: Unkown

[Personal]: For as long as Naida can remember she has been in a science lab, constantly having experiments preformed on her. She didn't know whether or not she had parents or siblings, she didn't even know what the outside world was like. The scientist that was experimenting on her was an old man and died of a heart attack when she was 14, by then the scientist had been only a quarter way to his goal: Making someone be able to control all the elements of the weather. Sadly he had only managed to make her make water into ice and shape it into anything, but this had its drawbacks. After living alone for three years Naida had noticed that ice particles started to grow out of her hair, along her skin and over her eyes if she sat still long enough. This caused pain when she moved because the occasional strip of ice could break a layer of skin. Another year has passed since she noticed the ice particles, their growing speed increased, making her desperate to keep moving. During that year’s winter Naida had left the laboratory build, finding herself in the middle of nowhere. She walked for weeks on end until she reached a small town, which was when she found out that she was in the country Belarus, and that was also when she began to distrust people. Everyone was afraid of her powers, some making jokes, others running away. She isolated herself then, in an abandoned warehouse out in the coutry, where she made into a comfortable place to live in. She stole various items for herself a lot were just food, but she also stole the occasional fancy item. She has lived like that forever, and happy that she had after a trip into a town for food.
(I'm sorry I got lazy at this part and just took it from her app on another site @-@)


[Mother]: n/a

[Father]: n/a

[Siblings]: n/a

[Children]: n/a

[Other relatives?]: n/a

[General Family Atmosphere]: n/a

[Best Memory About Family?]: n/a

[Worst Memory About Family?]: n/a


[Pets]: She likes snakes and cats, but doesn’t have either.

[Friends]: None

[Enemies]: None that she is aware of.

[Acquaintances]: None
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Naida Morana

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