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 Natasha Romanoff

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Natasha Barton
Natasha Barton

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The Basics

[Full Name]: Natasha Romanoff

[Also Known As]: Natalie Rushman

[Secret Identity]: Black Widow

[Birthdate]: April 2nd

[Age]: 29

[Race]: Human

[Place of Birth]: Stalingrad, former U.S.S.R

[Current Location]: Stark Tower

[Job]: Assassin and agent of S.H.I.E.L.D


[Celebrity Face Claim]: Scarlett Johansson

[Hair Color & Style]: Red

[Eye Color]: Green

[Skin Type]: Fair

[Height]: 5' 4" (1.63 m)

[Body Type]: Slim but muscular build.

[Dress Style]: Casual. Light weight, and darker colors.

[Other]: Any of this can be changed to fit whatever ALIAS I am needed for.

Character Traits

[Likes]: Guns, Fighting, Games, and Men.

[Dislikes]: Feeling weak, Others thinking I’m weak (when I’m not trying for this), being told what to do.

[Strengths]: fast, quick thinking, intelligent, clever, hand to hand fighting.

[Weaknesses]: Stubborn, a bit of a loner, scared of the big guy, not always a team player.

[Special Talents & Skills]: I’m good at just about everything. Though, very good at gathering information. Men will tell a woman just about anything if you know how to get them talking.

[Good? Bad? Neutral?]: Once bad until I joined SHIELD and now I work for the good guys.

[Do They Have a Sense of Right and Wrong?]:


[Family]: None.

[Personal]: Orphaned as a child and trapped in a burning building while under attack.


[Mother]: n/a

[Father]: n/a

[Siblings]: n/a

[Children]: n/a

[Other relatives?]: n/a


[Pets]: n/a

[Friends]: Clint might be the closest I’ve got

[Enemies]: Loki

[Acquaintances]: The other SHIELD members
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Natasha Romanoff

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