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 Agent Coulson

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Agent Coulson
Agent Coulson

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The Basics

[Full Name]: Phil Coulson

[Also Known As]: Agent Coulson, Son of Coul

[Secret Identity]: Agent Coulson

[Birthdate]: Classified

[Age]: Classified

[Race]: Human

[Place of Birth]: Classified

[Current Location]: Stark Tower

[Job]: Bodyguard and maintenance for the Avengers, SHIELD agent under Director Nick Fury


[Celebrity Face Claim]: Clark Gregg

[Hair Color & Style]: Brown hair, slightly balding

[Eye Color]: Grey

[Skin Type]: White

[Height]: 6'0"

[Body Type]: Average

[Dress Style]: Business

[Other]: Holster w/pistol attachment

Character Traits

[Likes]: Reality TV, classical music, meditation, Captain America memorabilia

[Dislikes]: Babysitting, failed missions, Fury's wrath

[Strengths]: Calm, professional, sarcasm

[Weaknesses]: Supernanny

[Special Talents & Skills]: Pragmatic combat enthusist, cover story veteran, diplomatic skills

[Good? Bad? Neutral?]: Good...for the most part.

[Do They Have a Sense of Right and Wrong?]: Yes.


[Family]: Classified

[Personal]: Has been working in SHIELD for [classified] years, working his way up to become Fury's right hand man.


[Mother]: Classified

[Father]: Agent Kay Classified

[Siblings]: Classified

[Children]: None

[Other relatives?]: Classified


[Pets]: None

[Friends]: SHIELD, the Avengers, Pepper Potts

[Enemies]: Anyone against SHIELD and/or the Avengers

[Acquaintances]: CIA, SSA, FBI, AHS, OSA


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Agent Coulson

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