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 00 - Registration Process

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PostSubject: 00 - Registration Process   00 - Registration Process EmptyWed Jun 13, 2012 2:03 am

So, you made it through the rules and would like to register? Congratulations, and welcome to the game. First, click the Register Button below the banner at the top of your screen. After agreeing to Forumotions Terms of Service, you may begin registering.


This is Very important. The Username for your account will be your characters name.

00 - Registration Process Nejgyf

What can I name my character?

You can name him or her whatever you want as long as the name does not break any other rules, or contain profanity. However, if you name a girl something like 'Mister Bigglesworth Porpington XVII', prepare to be ridiculed mercilessly.

Names can have a maximum of 25 letters/spaces. Large names may appear truncated in posts. [i.e. 'Natalia Alianovna Romanova' may appear as 'Natalia Alianovna Rom...'] Please use only First and Last Names. No Middle Names.


Please use one that you check frequently. You can have private message notifications, and topic reply notifications sent to your email so you remember to come check them.


Do not share your password with ANYONE. No Administrator will ever ask for it. For any reason. We won't need it. Internet safety recommends at least one capital letter, and one number.


That's it for forumotions registration process. Now here comes the real fun.


00 - Registration Process A5agxe
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00 - Registration Process

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