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 Bruce Banner

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Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

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The Basics

[Full Name]: Bruce Banner

[Also Known As]: Hulk, Mr Green

[Birthdate]: September 3rd, 1970

[Age]: 41

[Astrological Sign]: Virgo

[Chinese Zodiac]: Dog

[Race]: Human

[Place of Birth]: Kansas City, Missouri

[Current Location]: Stark Tower

[Job]: Scientist, specializing in Gamma Radiation


[Celebrity Face Claim]: Mark Ruffalo

[Hair Color & Style]: Dark, ruffled and stressed.

[Eye Color]: Grey, until pulse speeds, then Green.

[Skin Type]: Pale and worn.

[Height]: 5’ 11”

[Body Type]: Average muscle build and frame.

[Dress Style]: Put together and slightly professional, nothing overdone.

[Other]: Appearance is subject to change when angered.

Character Traits

[Likes]: Meditation. Working in his lab. Helping others where he can.

[Dislikes]: Himself and his condition. Inflicting harm when unneeded.

[Strengths]: Controlling himself, his intelligence, his ability to remain hidden.

[Weaknesses]: His anger that is only matched by his need to do good and help others, both can get him into trouble.

[Desires]: To get rid of the best within him and to help others by doing so.

[Fears]: Losing control of himself.

[Special Talents & Skills]: His control over his body and his breathing, and his superior intelligence.

[Mannerisms or Habits]: Always keeps an eye on his pulse monitor. Aware of himself and his surroundings.

[Feelings on Their Own Personal Appearance?]: Physical appearance means very little to him in any aspects, only fearing it when he changes into the Hulk.

[Outgoing or shy?]: Rather shy and introverted. He doesn’t want to get attached, save he change in front of them.

[Optimist or pessimist?]: Optimist because he is always searching for a cure, but a realist in other aspects of his life.

[Emotional or logical?]: Logical by mindset, but is unwillingly controlled by his emotions.

[Easily Embarrassed, or Out There for The World]: He keeps to himself, but more out of fear then embarrassment.

[Attitudes Toward Others?]: Trusts few, but sees the good in people until proven otherwise.

[Prefer Work or Play?]: Prefers to bury himself in his work because it’s where he holds the most control of himself.


[Good? Bad? Neutral?]: Good. He never wants to hurt anyone unless necessary.

[Do They Have a Sense of Right and Wrong?]: Very much, he just has trouble controlling it once the beast takes control. But he does know the transformation is wrong.

[Do They Feel Guilty for Anything?]: The procedure that made him who he is, and every subsequent episode afterwards.


[Dream Job]: Scientist without a green rage monster within him.

[Will They or Won't They Get it? Why?]: Not likely unless an antidote is found, which he continues to search for.

[Want to Get Married?]: He’s not opposed to the idea, but he would have to trust the person completely, and vice versa.

[Do You Want Children?]: Did, but he is afraid of any traits that exist in his genes.

[Their Dreams For the Future?]: Living without the burden of his condition.

[Sum up your character with a single sentence.... could be something original or a quote]: Life is what you make of it, and not what lives within you.


[Family]: As a child, Banner’s mother was in an abusive relationship with his father. This abuse is the basis a good portion or the fear and anger in his life. With age he great separate from them. They are now a very small part of his life.

[Personal]: After leaving his childhood home to pursue schooling in a different state, he found himself excelling in the sciences. Once his schooling was complete, he began work at Culver university, quickly becoming one of the leading experts in Gamma radiation research. Years of work led him to offering himself as the first test subject for exposure which went awry leaving him with a tainted blood stream. This led him to finding refuge away from the us government that searched to weaponize his condition. Once found, and proving that he had learned to the beast, he was hired by S.H.I.E.L.D as both research scientist and agent when necessary.


[Mother]: Unnamed

[Father]: Brian Banner

[Siblings]: N/A

[Children]: N/A

[Other relatives?]: N/A

[General Family Atmosphere]: Distant, although he is more attached to his mother.

[Best Memory About Family?]: Any time his parents weren’t fighting.

[Worst Memory About Family?]: Any of his father beating his mother.


[Favorite Class/Subject]: Anything science or math based.

[Least Favorite Class/Subject]: Gym.

[Favorite Place to Hang Out]: Science lab.

[Clubs?: N/A

[Did This Character Play Sports? N/A


[Pets]: None

[Friends]: His acquaintances are the closest he has to friends.

[Enemies]: Loki

[Acquaintances]: Thor, Natasha, Tony, Steve, Clint, Coulson, Nick Fury
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Bruce Banner

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