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The Basics

[Non-Civilian Identity]: The Hulk

[Also Known As]: Mr. Green, Bruce


[Celebrity Face Claim]: Mark Ruffalo

[Appearance]: Large green, overly sized humanoid-type creature.

[Key Colors]: Green.

[Armor Type]: He wears no armor.

[Weapons]: He has no other weapons then his fists, but is prone to using whatever is around him to cause harm.

[Skills]: Almost limitless strength that gets stronger as his anger rises. His skin is also very durable, has regeneration capabilities and a long endurance.

[Unarmed Fighting Style]: General smashing and use of his fists.

[Other]: Hulk has an over ability in many things: Jumping, general strength.


[Sidekick]: N/A

[Allies]: Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Hawkeye, Captain America

[Enemies]: Loki

[Acquaintances]: Nick Fury and Coulson
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