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 02 - Alters, Accounts, Secret Identities and Double Posts

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PostSubject: 02 - Alters, Accounts, Secret Identities and Double Posts   Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:27 am

Secret Identities

If your character has a Secret [or Not So Secret] Identity, you must have separate accounts for 'in costume' and 'not in costume'. For instance, Steve Rogers is one account and Captain America is another. Even though anyone who pays enough attention can know that Steve Rogers is the man behind the mask, he is his own person when off duty.

But I just want to be a hero, not a civilian... Too bad. If you want to have only one account per character, have a character like Thor who only goes by one identity.

Alternate Characters & Account Limits

No one may have more than four separate characters. This may mean between four and eight accounts. Bruce Banner & The Hulk count as One Character even though they are Two Accounts.


The reason for separate accounts is so it is easier for your role-playing partner to understand who they are talking to. For example, seeing a young lady [or guy] sit down to dinner with The Hulk would be a bit odd... As would seeing Bruce Banner lift an airplane over his head.

What does this have to do with Double Posting?

Double posting in general is not allowed, but a super account is allowed to post after its own civilian account. For instance, Bruce Banner ends his post looking a bit green around the gills; The Hulk may then post directly after to show that he has now changed identities. Another example would be Tony Stark activating his armor, and then Iron Man jumping into battle.


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02 - Alters, Accounts, Secret Identities and Double Posts

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