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 Winter Soldier

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*Winter Soldier
*Winter Soldier

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PostSubject: Winter Soldier   Winter Soldier EmptyWed Jul 11, 2012 11:56 pm

The Basics

[Non-Civilian Identity]: James Buchanan Barnes

[Also Known As]: Bucky


[Celebrity Face Claim]: Sebastian Stan

[Appearance]: Varies depending on mission. Default: Short brown hair, blue eyes

[Key Colors]: Black, Dark Blue

[Armor Type]: An old Military Uniform that has been enhanced in the armor to keep with the times.

[Weapons]: Guns mostly, but whatever is necessary to get the job done.

[Skills]: Mixed martial arts, and Gymnastic as well as being an expert marksman.

[Unarmed Fighting Style]: Mixed martial arts.

[Other]: Fluent in many languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, and Japanese. He can also understand French. Barnes' left arm is a cybernetic prosthetic with superhuman strength and enhanced reaction time. The arm can function when not in contact with Barnes and can discharge bolts of electrical energy from its palm. The arm can discharge an EMP causing electronics to either shutdown or become useless.


[Sidekick]: None

[Allies]: Hidden

[Enemies]: Targets

[Acquaintances]: None


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Winter Soldier

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