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 Pain Hunter

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Pain Hunter

Weapon : Twin Wrist Blades
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PostSubject: Pain Hunter   Pain Hunter EmptySun Jul 15, 2012 3:11 pm

The Basics

[Non-Civilian Identity]: Fyodor Rostislav

[Also Known As]: Tracker


[Celebrity Face Claim]: Glenn Jacobs

[Appearance]: Large stature, thinning hair, blind in one eye

[Key Colors]: Red and Black

[Armor Type]: Thin leather

[Weapons]: Twin Wrist Blades

[Skills]: Higher than normal strength, pain immuinty

[Unarmed Fighting Style]: Brawler, Hand to Hand, Throws and Chokes

[Other]: Due to his pain immunity, his body in fights slows down longer the fight goes. God Complex


[Sidekick]: NA

[Allies]: NA

[Enemies]: NA

[Acquaintances]: NA
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Pain Hunter

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