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 Barbara Morse

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Barbara Morse
Barbara Morse

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PostSubject: Barbara Morse   Barbara Morse EmptySun Jul 15, 2012 5:29 pm

The Basics

[Full Name]: Barbara Morse

[Also Known As]: Bobbi

[Secret Identity]: Mockingbird

[Birthdate]: March 6th

[Age]: 29

[Race]: Human

[Place of Birth]: San Diego, California

[Current Location]: New York City, New Yor

[Job]: Adventurer, S.H.I.E.L.D agent, Biologist


[Celebrity Face Claim]: Amber Heard

[Hair Color & Style]: Blonde straight hair, but sometimes it is wavy

[Eye Color]: blue

[Skin Type]: fair

[Height]: 5'9''

[Body Type]: 135 lbs, slim figure

[Dress Style]: More of a natural style, kind of sporty, yet still a little dressed

up, with a mixture of femine on it.

Character Traits

[Likes]: cups of coffee, cold nights, plants, running and climbing

[Dislikes]: being underestimated, being doubted, sand

[Strengths]: loyal, fast, smart, caring

[Weaknesses]: stubborn, emotional, reckless, impatient

[Desires]: to one day make things right again

[Special Talents & Skills]: excellent gymnast, martial artist, and hand-to-hand

combatant, and was well trained by S.H.I.E.L.D. in espionage and counter-espionage

techniques. She is also a proficient marks-woman and well versed in the use of her battle


[Good? Bad? Neutral?]: Good

[Do They Have a Sense of Right and Wrong?]: No, everything Bobbi does is the right

thing for her


[Family]: Bobbi grew up with a small family in San Diego, she always loved her family very much, and would do absolutely anything for her family. She might not see them very much anymore, but every once in a while, she sends them a letterto tell them she's okay, and that she hasn't forgotten about them. For them, she is working as a biologyst in Australia, and that's why she can't be home that much.

[Personal]: Aftet the completion of her Ph.D., she was admitted onto the Project: Gladiator team, and was also Agent 19 of SHIELD. In Florida, one of her co-workers was destroyed by someone, who was once Barbara's colleague. She then traveled to New York her penchant for taunting her opponents in battle earned her the codename of "Mockingbird".


[Mother]: Susan Morse

[Father]: Ben Morse


[Pets]: none yet

[Friends]: since she has been away for a while, she doesn't really have any friends yet.

[Enemies]: none so far

[Acquaintances]: some S.H.I.E.L.D agents
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Barbara Morse

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