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 Sinead Eastwell

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Sinead Eastwell
Sinead Eastwell

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PostSubject: Sinead Eastwell   Sinead Eastwell EmptyMon Jul 16, 2012 7:10 pm

The Basics

[Full Name]: Sinead Elisabeth Fiona Eastwell

[Also Known As]: N/A

[Birthdate]: 18/7/1994

[Age]: Seventeen

[Astrological Sign]: Cancer

[Chinese Zodiac]: Dog

[Race]: Human

[Place of Birth]: Carlingford, County Louth, Ireland

[Current Location]: Brooklyn, New York

[Job]: Various jobs, currently baby sitting and assisting at children's groups


[Celebrity Face Claim]: Katie McGrath

[Hair Color & Style]: Dark, long and curly

[Eye Color]: Hazel

[Skin Type]: Fair, white

[Height]: 5’8

[Body Type]: Slender

[Dress Style]: Indie

[Other]: N/A

Character Traits

[Likes]: Chocolate, children, art, writing, animals, people, swimming

[Dislikes]: Derogatory people, brussel sprouts, athletics, things that can eat you

[Strengths]: Amicable, artistic, enjoys socialising, good with children

[Weaknesses]: Sometimes will back down at confrontation, not good with heights, hates the sight of blood, sometimes not very good at wording things, fairly impatient

[Desires]: Wants to be successful in what she loves, would one day like a family of her own, wants to be happy

[Fears]: Being alone, heights, spiders, small spaces, being attacked, losing friends, losing loved ones

[Special Talents & Skills]: Mild reality warping; sometimes the object of that which she paints or draws can materialise either nearby or far away, e.g a chair. This has also been known sometimes to mildly alter a sequence of events with people; she has been known to draw scenes between friends and then this scene later come to be. However, this can be stopped by destroying the painting and the amount of control Sinead has over it is very loose.

[Mannerisms or Habits]: Jiggles feet a lot, cannot sit still, chews on nail of her thumb

[Feelings on Their Own Personal Appearance?]: Sinead is impartial to her appearance; though she does not feel particularly self-confident or pretty, she isn’t taken up with self-loathing and is generally happy.

[Outgoing or shy?]: Somewhere inbetween

[Optimist or pessimist?]: Optimist

[Emotional or logical?]: Emotional

[Easily Embarrassed, or Out There for The World]: Easily embarrassed

[Attitudes Toward Others?]: Sinead loves meeting other people and will always greet them in as friendly a manner as she can, especially children.

[Prefer Work or Play?]: Play


[Good? Bad? Neutral?]: Sinead strives to be good, although how good is interchangeable.

[Do They Have a Sense of Right and Wrong?]: Sinead does have a sense of right and wrong but she tends not to see in black and white, and could probably be easily swayed despite her best intentions.

[Do They Feel Guilty for Anything?]: She will feel guilt if she has done something wrong, but usually guilty feelings only come over little things when she’s lying in bed late at night putting the world to rights.


[Dream Job]: Artist

[Will They or Won't They Get it? Why?]: Unless Sinead can harness her talent so that it doesn’t affect her work, it seems unlikely.

[Want to Get Married?]: Perhaps.

[Do You Want Children?]: In the distant future.

[Their Dreams For the Future?]: Become successful at art or work with children in another country

[Sum up your character with a single sentence... could be something original or a quote]: She is a friendly, cheerful person with a love for children and art who tries her best to fulfil her good intentions but sometimes doesn’t quite meet these expectations.


[Family]: Sinead’s parents were an English accountant by day and footballer by night (who wasn’t particularly successful in either career), and a fierce Irish landlady. The Eastwell family lived in Ireland until Sinead was eight years old, where they decided that their fortunes may be better should they move to America. Once in the States, Mr and Mrs Eastwell managed to secure some well-paid jobs and the family remained in New York afterwards.

[Personal]: Sinead grew up with interests in both drawing and writing, as well as languages. She got on well with her brothers, enjoying teasing them and winding them up, and always liked her parents and family. She also had a very large interest in Ireland; having not been back since eight years old, Sinead has always wanted to return. Sinead is also still only vaguely aware of her talent, remaining virtually oblivious to it and calling off any incidences of it as bizarre happenstance.


[Mother]: Erin Eastwell nee Foy

[Father]: Johnny Eastwell

[Siblings]: Jude Eastwell (16), Max Eastwell (12)

[Children]: N/A

[Other relatives?]: N/A

[General Family Atmosphere]: The family was a pretty normal family; everyone got along well although they were prone to many an argument over some stupid and some more serious things. Overall, Sinead is very fond of her family.

[Best Memory About Family?]: Getting the ferry across to England when she was small and visiting her father’s hometown. She got ice cream and the boys didn’t because Max was small and Jude was naughty.

[Worst Memory About Family?]: Her brother being bullied by her uncle for dating a boy. Needless to say, they tried to avoid that uncle in the future.


[Favorite Class/Subject]: French

[Least Favorite Class/Subject]: PE

[Favorite Place to Hang Out]: The bike shed

[Clubs?]: ICT

[Did This Character Play Sports?]: She enjoyed swimming but that was about it. Exercise was not her thing.
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Sinead Eastwell

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