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 01 - So... You want to be a 'Canon' Character?

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PostSubject: 01 - So... You want to be a 'Canon' Character?   Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:56 am

Check This Post First - If the character you want is already taken, and you try to take it again, the answer will automatically be No.

As of this moment, the following Canon Characters are Available:

Character Name [Super Identity] Celebrity Face
Jane Foster [n/a] Natalie Portman
Richard Parker [n/a] Campbell Scott
James Rhodes [War Machine] Don Cheadle
And More... Your Choice...

The above characters have been pre-assigned their faces from the movies in order to make the graphics for the site as canonical as possible. This is non-negotiable. We also ask that if you choose to make a canon character that has a live action movie, please use their face [with the exception of the Human Torch because Chris Evans is already taken as Captain America].

After all, it would be incredibly difficult to find pictures of Alex Pettyfer in character as Wolverine. Sure, the claws could be photoshopped on, but why not just use Hugh Jackman?

Wait... Wolverine? He's a Mutant, not a Superhero...

How good of you to notice! Mutants are not currently listed as 'on board', but if there is enough call for them then they will be added.

So are other Marvel characters that are not listed up there available?
Yes. In fact, you don't have to stick to just Marvel. Want to be Batman? Well, if he's not taken then go ahead and audition for him!

Err... Audition?


Before approving you to be a character, I want to make sure you can actually be that character.

After choosing which character you would like to play, and registering an account with an appropriate name, please reply here with two small [200-250 word] posts. I want to see a sample of you writing the character you chose both in and out of battle.

Please format your reply as follows:
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Super Identity:[/b]
[b]Celebrity Face:[/b]

[b]Civilian Post:[/b]

[b]Battle Post:[/b]

If I do not feel that the character fits you, I will ask that you choose another character.

After You Have Been Approved - Fill Out The Appropriate Profile Here


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PostSubject: Re: 01 - So... You want to be a 'Canon' Character?   Sat Jun 23, 2012 9:37 pm

Reserved Characters

Do Not Apply For These Characters

The characters and faces on the following list have been reserved for one reason or another. They are not available at the moment.

Character Name [Super Identity] Celebrity Face
Peter Parker [Spiderman] Andrew Garfield
Loki [Loki] Tom Hiddleston
Pepper Potts [n/a] Gwenyth Paltrow
Nick Fury [n/a] Samuel L. Jackson


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Clint Barton

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PostSubject: Re: 01 - So... You want to be a 'Canon' Character?   Mon Jun 25, 2012 9:16 pm

Character Name: Clint Barton
Super Identity: Hawkeye
Celebrity Face: Jeremy Renner

Civilian Post:
Clint stared out over the street below him. He had come onto the rooftop to think. Things with Loki had finished for now but only time would tell if that would stay that way. He was not one to fall into submission of others nor did he enjoy being told how to live his life. Ever since the first time encounter with the dark haired god he had wondered if weakness was just the beginning.

Who was he kidding. He was not like the Hulk where when anger took over he became a huge mass of green. He was not Captain America with a serum making him have super strength. He was no Iron Man with a suit built with gadgets to take out his enemies. Nor was he a Norse god like Thor. He was just a damn good archer. He had proved himself worthy in his own mind but would the world ever see him as more than just an ordinary man that could shoot arrows. Only time would tell. However he would do his best to prove himself worthy of being one of the Avengers. He would earn the right to be a superhero. If only to prove it to himself.

Battle Post:
Smoke filled the streets. Hawkeye gazed about with his bow re drawn. there had been an explosion but no idea how it had happened. His ears still rang from the impact knocking him to the ground. He had gotten to his feet as quickly as he could. Now standing there he stared into the fire and smoke filled air in front of him. That was when shadowy images emerged from the space in front of him. He glanced at the others but they also had their eyes trained on the approaching figures.

Then the attack came. Bullets flying forth like a hail storm. Hawkeye ducked behind some rubble. Perfect... just plain perfect. He strung an arrow and peeked out spying a target. He took aim with ease as he prepared for his shot. Following his target finally releasing the arrow and watching it down his target. He would have gone for another but a loud roar took over. He cringed at the loud sound. A large blast followed. Damn they had to bring tanks too? Great... thankfully they had the Hulk on their side. Not even Cap could survive his head being blown off by missiles. They needed to end this fast. They were outnumbered as is but tank rounds made this a whole new ball game.

Administrāta wrote:
Congratulations Mr. Barton, and welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers.
You come into this world as an Assassin working for S.H.I.E.L.D. under the name Clint Barton, and also as a member of the Avengers team known as Hawkeye. Tony Stark has offered you a place to live within Stark Tower should you choose to take him up on said offer. Once your profiles are posted and processed, you will be able to access the rest of the world.
Additional OOC Note wrote:
Also, if you would like... You are welcome to use the following graphics for as long or as short as you want [or don't want] to. You don't -have- to use them, but the option is there. Clint - Hawkeye
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Natasha Barton

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PostSubject: Re: 01 - So... You want to be a 'Canon' Character?   Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:28 am

Character Name: Natasha Romanoff
Super Identity: Black Widow
Celebrity Face: Scarlett Johansson

Civilian Post:

Everywhere she went Natasha Romanoff was never off her guard. It had been built into her for years. Her time as spy taught her to never let her guard down. There could be trouble around any corner. Even trying to enjoy her night out she could see a street peddler being robbed. There had been a time when this wouldn’t have seemed even the least bit of a problem to her. Until she’d been found by the SHIELD incentive. Once a bad girl she had turned from the dark side to turning her skills for the good.

Curly red hair to her shoulder blew in the wind but it was only the real notice anyone would see as she moved and tripped up little thief. She caught him quickly and slipped her hand in his pocket and took the necklace he’d stolen. “Oops sorry about that. Guess I’m more clumsy than I thought.” Smiling she watched him turn and run as if he’d gotten away with something. Well that or just didn’t want to get caught. Natasha turned to the woman who was the vendor of the stall. “I think this fell off your table.” She placed the trinket back on the table with a smile. “Lovely work you do here. Exquisite detail. Details are very important.” And that was the truth.

Battle Post:

Surrounded. In the center of six men. And they thought they had the upper hand. What they didn’t know, well, it could kill them. Assessment was the first move. Both hands held a gun pointing at two of them men while all six had guns trained on her. “Well boys. Ready to dance?” Bang and she dropped to the ground. Kicking out her long leg and kicking two of them to the ground with her. A quick flip off her back and she was back on her feet again. Another shot rang out. This time from her own gun. The bullet hit its mark and dropped a chandelier on one man’s hand.

Three down and three to go. One round house kick later and she was crouching behind a statue. Being light on your feet was a plus they’d lost her. Their backs were towards her now. Grinning she took a deep breath and came out from her hiding spot and two more shots. They were out. Her work was done. Now to find the others and help them out. This was only just the beginning.

Administrāta wrote:
Congratulations Miss Romanoff, and welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers.
You come into this world as an Assassin working for S.H.I.E.L.D. under the name Natasha Romanoff [Alias Natalie Rushman], and also as a member of the Avengers team known as Black Widow. Tony Stark has offered you a place to live within Stark Tower should you choose to take him up on said offer. Once your profiles are posted and processed, you will be able to access the rest of the world.
Additional OOC Note wrote:
Also, if you would like... You are welcome to use the following graphics for as long or as short as you want [or don't want] to. You don't -have- to use them, but the option is there. Natasha - Black Widow
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PostSubject: Re: 01 - So... You want to be a 'Canon' Character?   Tue Jun 26, 2012 7:10 pm

Character Name: Thor
Super Identity:
Celebrity Face: Chris Hemsworth

Civilian Post: Thor stood at the top of the tower, his hammer clutched in his left hand as he held to the radio antenna with the other. His eyes followed the blur of yellow and red lights, the city scape spread like a blanket below him. He watched with silence, his mind fleeting. He had only been on Midgard for some months after the Manhattan invasion, and already, life had become a dull blur from day to night and back again. Even the passage of time seemed like an illusion. He dimly remembered yesterday. Anything after that, he had forgotten.
For the past few months, he had been working with the Avengers as a liaison and a mess cleaner. Wherever war broke out, or a drought occurred, he was called. Some days, he would be sent to some desolate place where a kind hand was needed. Others, he was sent to cast criminals back to their hiding holes. All the same, he was working endlessly. If not working, he was idling here and there, looking for trouble. Not to cause it - to end it.

Battle Post:
Thor rocketed through the sky, Mjolnir pointed forward. The sirens had passed below him through the streets - a fleet of police vehicles - and he had followed with rapt curiosity. He followed the blaring cars from a distance, giving the drivers time to make directional changes so he could alter his flight accordingly. Once the cars stopped, he slowed to survey the area. A bank, a large one, was surrounded by police vehicles. A robbery, Thor guessed. Such events only required a small number of officers - maybe two or three. This was different. There were easily seven police cars, all with two to three heads. Guns were drawn, voices shouting. This was certainly not a normal bank robbery. Such things, he trusted to the Midgardian protectors. This...he had to intervene.
With a swoosh, he swooped onto the rooftop. He could see, through a skylight in the top of the building, the scenario inside: hostages, taped and gagged, stuffed into a room while two black-clothed men stood over them. Two others patrolled the area while a third busied himself with the vaults. All were armed with guns and various weapons. From what he could observe, one of the criminals was armed with explosives.
He needed a diversion. Quickly, he raced to the edge of the building and jumped down into the alleyway behind. Mjolnir crackled with energy as he turned to face a power box. Here, the perfect cover. He raised his arm, and with a bright flash and loud boom, crushed the power box with his hammer. The power inside the building went out.
Quickly, Thor turned the corner, slamming the hammer into the back door. It caved in, snapping off its hinges and slamming to the floor.
"Who's there!?" came a voice inside.
"It's the cops, bro!" came another.
"Take him out!"
"Kill 'em! Don't let them get in!"
Gunfire screamed through the air. Thor ducked, rolling inside the building. Bullets flew over his head and a few pinged off his armor. He tackled the first thug, swinging his hammer. The man was struck down and fell to the floor. He threw Mjolnir at two more coming his way and both were swept off their feet. Behind him, a robber jumped on his back and grappled, its hands around Thor's neck.
"No you don't!" it snarled in his ear. "Th' money's ours!"
"No, it is not!" Thor roared, reaching behind him to grab the robber. He managed a large wad of clothes and yanked, flinging the robber over his head. The robber cried out before landing against the floor.
"It is the money of those who have worked hard to receive it!" Thor continued. "I will not let you take it!"

- Normally I'm more adept than this. Still deciding if I should write in present or past tense.-

Administrāta wrote:
Congratulations Thor Odinson, and welcome the Avengers.
You come into this world Prince of the Asgardian's, a Demi-God. Your Father, Odin, has banished the war criminal Loki Laufeyson to Midgard [Earth], and ordered you to accompany him and keep an eye on your younger brother. Tony Stark has offered you a place to live within Stark Tower should you choose to take him up on said offer. Loki, as a war criminal and lacking in clearance, is not included in this offer and must find his own lodgings. Once your profiles are posted and processed, you will be able to access the rest of the world.
Additional OOC Note wrote:
You can get with Loki and choose whether or not you want to write out the Banishment thread. I created that plot point to explain why Loki and Thor were back on Earth after going home at the end of the movie. Let Steve Rogers know if you two want to thread it out, and we will bring out Odin to thread with you. Past tense is usually best on these forums, and your posts here were just fine. I look forward to threading with you.

Also, if you're interested, feel free to use this graphic for as long or as short as you do [or do not] want to. Thor
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Agent Coulson

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PostSubject: Re: 01 - So... You want to be a 'Canon' Character?   Tue Jul 03, 2012 10:21 pm

Character Name: Phil Coulson
Super Identity: Agent Coulson
Celebrity Face: Clark Cregg

Civilian Post: It was Mister Stark's fault that all the chefs in Stark Tower had bolted. When you couldn't persuade him to eat something as simple as a sandwich while on his 'inspiration riot' with an engine, the other spectrum made making food impossible when Mister Stark really wanted something to eat. Duck flavored ice cream? If Phil was less professional, he would have asked if Tony was pregnant with the bizarre menu items.

And with the chefs gone, it left the rest of the Avengers hunting for a cheap meal. And that was unacceptable. Heroes needed a well-balanced diet and after the Captain regretted another trip to McDonalds for something more 'healthy', well Phil wasn't going to have the magnanimous soldier eat another processed meal.

"Mister Stark, please do not eat the sushi wrapping." Phil did not sigh, tying the apron behind his back. Seafood was very healthy---lots of protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. Great to burn off during battle. Ms. Romanoff suggested sushi, most of it cooked because the Captain was a little reluctant at the idea of eating raw meat. Perhaps California Roll----it's made from cooked crab meat anyways...

As the Captain berated the impatiently hungry Mister Stark for eating the excess seaweed, Phil began sharpening his knives. It was a good thing he watched a lot of Iron Chef.

Battle Post: "Back the hell off, or you're gonna get burnt old man!"

Coulson analyzed the situation with an air of calm brought on as a defense mechanism for all the weird things that had happened to him while employed with SHIELD. After being used to billionaires with super armor, a thawed legacy, and an actual deity from Norse mythology, subscribing to Buddhist's Way to Nirvana Weekly should be considered a mandatory manual for agents like him. He could handle a gifted pyromaniac.

Firearm pointed at the young man, half the room Coulson had cornered the renegade into was black and singed, small pockets of fire were cackling merrily in the standoff. "I'm giving you one last chance to surrender and come quietly for treatment." He cocked the hammer to back up his warning, his tone betraying nothing but calmness. Like he was gently reprimanding a child that glue wasn't a viable source of nutrition.

"Screw you!"

He paused, his earpiece ringing with two beeps before he heard the familiar voice of Fury giving him his new orders. Blinking, he lowered the sidearm and then altogether reholstered it. Unlike other agents, Coulson followed Fury's orders without question. He was usually right. "One more chance," Coulson raised his hands in a gesture of peace. He was not to injure the man. That was his orders. "Come quietly and I won't have to resort to desperate measures."

But the man wasn't deterred. "You think some pathetic norm can take on me?! I'm a GOD!"

While the boy ranted, Coulson quickly moved to the offensive, taking advantage of the boy's situation and open palm slammed into the boy's throat, effectively cutting off his air. As the pyro gasped and doubled over in alarm, Coulson grabbed the boy's arm and twisted around painfully, forcing the kid to his knees. "I know a god personally, young man." He said calmly. "You have your work cut out for you." Mission completed.

Administrāta wrote:
Congratulations Agent Phil Coulson, and welcome S.H.I.E.L.D.
You come into this world as one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s top agents. The Avengers thought you dead during the war with Loki, but it was all a ruse. While you were gravely injured, rumors of your death had been greatly exaggerated. As Fury said, The Avengers needed something. Your death, fake though it was, was that something. Something that tied them all together and gave them a reason to fight. You have since healed from your wounds and should be ready to resume your role as Director Fury's One Good Eye.
Additional OOC Note wrote:
I created the above plot-point because I refuse to believe that Coulson is really dead. ^_^ Welcome! Also, if you're interested, feel free to use this graphic for as long or as short as you do [or do not] want to. Agent Coulson
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Bruce Banner

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PostSubject: Re: 01 - So... You want to be a 'Canon' Character?   Mon Jul 09, 2012 1:01 am

Character Name:Bruce Banner
Super Identity: Hulk
Celebrity Face: Mark Ruffalo

Civilian Post:

He was much less aware then the assassins and warriors that made up their small group, but the anger that boiling within him allowed him to remain on guard. The small family he was helping had many children that attempted to use him as a playground much to the chagrin of their mother who could do little but pull them away. The father was desperately ill, and Bruce was doing his best to comfort his weeping cries, but he had little chance of survival. They were just another family succumbing to the mass poverty of India.

Dampening a cloth, Bruce dabbed at his forehead, the medication he had given doing its best to break the worsening fever. There was nothing more he could do, not for what the poor family was paying him. Handing the cloth to one of the older children, he stood to face the small woman. Speaking in her native tongue, he wished her farewell, and to reach him if anymore money came up. It was the worst part of his job, but seeing people dying around him was best for his anger. It allowed him to keep it controlled. Leaving the small but packed apartment, medical bag in tow, he let a deep sigh hoping his day was finally over.

Battle Post:

Little could disturb him from a target once his flesh turned from bronze to green. Puny humans fought around him and Hulk did nothing but grasp at the enemy thrashing them about like nothing more then ants. Others fought with weapons and shield, but he set off in charge even against the largest of beasts that attack with only fist and skin. It was anger that fueled him, a need to destroy anything that breathed evil around him. His stomps shook the ground, leaving indentations in the hard concrete behind him. With a single bound, he landed on the beast’s head, ramming a giant fist against its skull. Another victim of his anger dead within seconds.

Prey falling, he used its last amount of stability to jump back into the air, catching an enemy jet that flew low trying to attack the only people he counted as friends. By his weight alone it lowered, but as he tore the pilot out of his seat, the plane came to a sudden crash under Hulk’s warn feet. Again amidst the worst of the fight, he crushed, flicked and mangled all within his reach, loud grunts joining the sound of battle. He took little damage; mere guns and knives causing nothing but small scratches that meant nothing. But the worse was far from over as tanks came rolling over the hill. Regardless of the others, Hulk was already charging.

Quote :

Congratulations Dr. Banner, and welcome to the Avengers.
You come into this world as a world renowned Nuclear Physicist specializing in Gamma Radiation, and also as a member of the Avengers team the Hulk. You also have a Medical Doctorate, as well as experience in other forms of Biological Science. Tony Stark has offered you a place to live within Stark Tower should you choose to take him up on said offer. You also have access to the Top Secret Research & Development floors of Stark Tower. Once your profiles are posted and processed, you will be able to access the rest of the world.

Additional OOC Note wrote:

The Bruce Banner character has been GM'd in This Thread and This Thread. He is currently on assignment investigating one Richard Parker, an intern that is working with him on Gene Splicing under the watchful gaze of Tony Stark. This research is taking place at Stark Tower to keep the information out of unsavory hands.

Also, if you would like... You are welcome to use the following graphics for as long or as short as you want [or don't want] to. You don't -have- to use them, but the option is there. Bruce - The Hulk
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Barbara Morse

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PostSubject: Re: 01 - So... You want to be a 'Canon' Character?   Sat Jul 14, 2012 8:42 pm

Character Name: Barbara Morse
Super Identity: Mockingbird
Celebrity Face: Amber Heard

Civilian Post:

Being back felt strange but Bobbi knew it was the place where she had to be at, putting her hands in her jacket's pockets, blue eyes looked up at the cloudy sky, and she inhaled the smell of the city. Her distraction was brought back down, when she heard police sirens, but Bobbi couldn't really see where it was coming from, so she thought she didn't need to be in action just yet. Walking down the street, she bumped into a few peopl, and had to turn to apologize, but her English was a little rusty, so the Japanese came instead, making some civilians look weirdly at her.

Entering a coffeshop, her blue eyes searched for an empty seat, it didn't take long, before she found a spot by the counter. "Coffee please, black." Bobbi told the woman behind the counter, making sure to speak English this time. If there was something she had missed, it was definitely coffee, they had some, but it tasted nothing like the one they had in the US. Taking the hot mug, Bobbi took a nice long sip from the hot liquid, and enjoyed the warmth of it, as it washed down her throat.

She might have stuff to do, but they could wait. It wasn't like something bad was going to happen, while she enjoyed her cup of coffee, well Bobbi learned the hard way that the world always needed her, when she least expected, but it could wait this time.

Battle Post:

"Heads up you ugly face" Mockingbird yelled at the man that had his back turned to her, as she hit him with one of her poles, knocking him down. A smile curled up in her lips, as the man fell to the ground, "I said heads up." She said, as her eyes quickly moved to someone else, that was coming fast her way. "Man, you guys just don't give up do you?" The blonde woman said as she put one of the ends of her pole on the ground, and used it to kick the person in the chest, two down, only God knew how many to go.

Mockingbird was starting to run out of breath, so she had to take a small break, but apparently there was no breaks in the middle of a fight. Because before she knew it, there were some men running fast towards her, and since she wasn't one to give up on a fight, she got up straight, and started to run towards them. Jumping with the help of one of her poles, she hit two at the same time with a kick, and when landing, used to pole to hit three to the ground, her eyes looked around for more. And when seeing a couple more coming her way, Mockingbird took a deep breath, "Let's do this." She said, watching as they came towards her, she enjoyed this way too much.

Administrāta wrote:
Congratulations, Barbara Morse, and welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D.
As a cannon character that is not [yet] in any of the movies, you may pick whichever timeline you wish to come from. If your character has a connection with another character that is currently on board, it is up to you to contact them to discuss how much of that history becomes 'board canon'.

Additional OOC Information wrote:
Your civilian face claim has been approved. You may also use her for Mockingbird's graphics should you choose to. Since she is not currently in a movie, you may also use artistic representations [official comic, or fanart], or choose a cosplayer to act as a face claim. I would recommend using Mockingnerd as she has two different costume choices, and some rather nice photos.

I do not have a graphic pre-made for this character, but if you would like one feel free to let me know and I shall provide as soon as possible.
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Matthew Murdock

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PostSubject: Re: 01 - So... You want to be a 'Canon' Character?   Tue Jul 24, 2012 1:36 am

Character Name: Matthew Michael Murdock
Super Identity: Daredevil
Celebrity Face: Ben Affleck

Civilian Post:

Click, Click, Click
The lively street gave him no excuse not to be out. Even though he had to anyway... his homework was a priority... Law Schools don’t just open. “Excuse me.” walking around the women... the echo’s of noise acting allowing to avoid the stroller “Sorry.” he said with a simple smirk, knowing full well he avoided any possible collision... it was the thing people underestimated... the power of all the other senses. He often wondered if he would be as good at his trainings if he had all of his usual senses. As he waited for the traffic lights to click over... listening to the sound of the jogger next to him’s music... not his taste, but hey... who was he to judge?

Knowing where he was was never an issue... he knew these streets like the back of his Billy Club. As much to his dad dismay. Ever since the accident that blinded him he knew his father didn’t like him walking from Hell’s Kitchen and back alone... if only he knew. “Here again Matt?" the guard at the library joked “Yeah, yeah... you should really go see a doctor yourself...” As much as the guard joked on it... Matt could hear he needed a heart check up... even if he wanted to press the issue... he had his papers to do.

Battle Post:

The eyeless crowl gave his foes a false sense of security... the idea that they think he couldn’t see them. “Last warning you three.... Leave Hell's Kitchen and never return” Three heartbeats... shouldn’t take long. The first moved swiftly at him, he paused, listening for movement. The footsteps towards him. He turned, sidestepping, lashed out blindly, felt his club connect with muscled flesh, staggering the foe to the ground. He turned at the sound of running feet. A body ran into him as he stood there. Allowing his club to do the work, the sound of his own steps seemed pointless compared to the next ones of the metal weapon crushing the ribs... dropping to the ground.

The third came full force. He punched, I ducked, he swung again, a sidestep kept him safe... a third punch was caught, The smirk that came was only was followed by him being tossed. The crash into the bins... but he wasn’t done... he could tell. Being charged at was pointless as he launched a powerful high kick, the crushing sound of the man's jaw was followed but a quick drop “Stay out of Hell’s Kitchen” he words faded as he did in the night.

Quote :
Congratulations Mister Murdock, and Welcome to Avengers Unleashed. In order to give you contacts in our world, Mister Stark has you on retainer as his Lawyer. You may choose whether or not to keep this position.
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Sharon Carter

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PostSubject: Re: 01 - So... You want to be a 'Canon' Character?   Mon Jul 30, 2012 1:36 am

Character Name: Sharon Carter
Super Identity: Agent 13
Celebrity Face: Amanda Righetti

Civilian Post:
The simple life on her off days was strange. Sharon loved the craziness and danger of her job. It was why she had gotten into it. She wanted something to keep her busy. Keep her feeling alive. She wanted to continue the legacy that was Peggy Carter. Her aunt was her inspiration. If only she knew what the woman would do on her days away from work. Times were different and there was no major war going on but that didn’t mean there was nothing to be done.

Now if only she could figure out what to do with her day. Grabbing a book was the only solution she could think of. She grabbed a bag and headed out of her apartment. No time like the present to enjoy a day in the park. The biggest park in New York as well. It would be very different from where she usually spent her days. No walls to stare at but just a lot of green. Hopping on the subway found a seat and started reading. She had a long ride.

Battle Post:

Just because she wasn’t a super solider like Captain America or had some special talent that didn’t make Agent 13 a great agent. “We need people covering sixth street.” She said over the com link. Directing a few agents into their path she headed the other direction. There was too much to cover. Gun in hand she crouched down and spotted a target. One shot and they were down. Flipping over she got another. “On your six!” She shouted at one of the men. “Shots coming from the air. We need a cover.” Looking around she tried to spot the shooter. “Tenth floor up.” No way her gun would get them but hopefully someone else was able to.

Quote :
Congratulations Agent Carter, and Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D. and Avengers Unleashed. Please contact Agent Coulson or Hill for your duty roster.


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Barney Barton

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PostSubject: Re: 01 - So... You want to be a 'Canon' Character?   Sat Oct 13, 2012 6:30 pm

Character Name: Barney Barton
Super Identity: Trickshot
Celebrity Face: Misha Collins

Civilian Post:
New York City, New York

The big apple and the city that never sleeped. Barney downed the tequila shot before him as it was nothing. Glancing at his hand he knew he had a bad hand but the man before him had given up his tick early on. He was nervous. They were the last left in. Giving that cocky smirk of his he motioned at the waitress to come over to him. Giving her a sly grin he said in a sultry tone, "Hey sweetheart could you give me another shot? I promise I'll make it up to ya later."

Grinning a chesire cat grin as the waitress gave him a wink and headed off to get his ordered drink. Well that settled his plans for the supposed after game celebration. He toyed with his chips and looked at his opposition. The man was sweating like crazy. It wasn't till the man folded did Barney give him that satisfied glance. Grabbing up his winnings he shook his head and said, "I'm cashing out folks. I got a meeting I must get to." With that he snatched up his chips and cashed the money in. He'd gotten an easy win.

Battle Post:
He'd gotten into a right pickle with this assassination job. He really needed to visit the gym soon. That or he was getting old. Stalking behind the guard he took his knife out and slit the man's throat. One down and four more to go. He was gonna get the job done. Taking the next three guards in a similar fashion. Perfect for him. Now to snipe the remaining guard.

He took out a simple arrow tipped arrow and loaded it on his bow. Raising it he took aim and fired hitting the man in the throat. This was it. He had one more man to kill. The drug lord was definitely a high profile target. Let it be known Trickshot was a man with morals. The scumbag deserved less. Scaling the wall to the man's bedroom. No mistress tonight it seemed as he spied into the man's window. All it took was one shot and the man fell without a sound from his mouth. And that was how Trickshot liked it. He did his best work stealthily and under the radar.

Now he needed to get out of the complex. Not a simple feat for anyone but Barney knew the risks when he had taken the job. Part of making his living was taking risks. He put his bow over his head as started descending down the wall again. People would probably be wondering where the man was by now. Just a few feet more and he had a straight path to his escape. So close and he worried it would not be enough. Not enough time to escape. He needed that money and he wanted to be alive to get it.

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Congratulations Mister Barton, and Welcome to Avengers Unleashed.
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Darcy Lewis

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PostSubject: Re: 01 - So... You want to be a 'Canon' Character?   Sat Mar 02, 2013 8:58 pm

Character Name: Darcy Lewis
Super Identity: Still Darcy Lewis
Celebrity Face: Kat Dennings

Administrata wrote:
... Calm down. It's okay.

Civilian Post:

Darcy liked New Mexico. She liked the open air, the incessant need for shorter sleeves, the occasional attractive stranger that she got to tase. She loved having an iPod full of the cheesiest songs in existence with no big-city snobs there to look down on her for it, and she liked being able to assist her strange science-y friends with their stuff. She didn't even know what the stuff was, she just liked helping with it. She liked feeling useful.

The big apple was a little surreal.

When Jane had been sent off to an island and Dr. Sulvig had suddenly lost contact and, for Thor's sake, Loki had appeared on the news, Darcy realized that she had been totally forgotten in the whole 'Protect Thor's BFFS!' gig that seemed to be going on. Clearly, the only thing to do about this was take advantage of it. She liked New Mexico. A lot. But she was sick of hearing about Jane mooning after Thor and searching for a way to restore the bifrost - and the only solution to that problem was to go find Thor herself.

So. You know. Skycrapers and shit.

Her first instinct had been to go looking for the infamous Coulson, who had seemed pretty cool a million years ago when Thor had just found his way to Earth, but the decision to lay low was a much better one, in her esteemed opinion. There was less chance of her getting involved in stuff beyond her (which was almost everything that seemed to go on with her friends), and maybe, if she was lucky, she would get superpowers. It was highly unlikely, but there was no harm in pretending, right?

Battle Post:

It was at times like these that Darcy really wished she had a hammer.

Or a gun. Guns would be nice, she thought as she tased another thug that had decided to be creepers in the alley. Maybe a pistol. Actually, no, a pistol was probably a bad idea, but Darcy didn't actually know any gun names except for pistol so it was probably the best she was going to get. She shot another guy down without turning around, taking care to keep herself in front of the poor 16-year-old they'd assaulted. She herself was barely over eighteen, and a wave of sympathy hit her.

The last guy went down like a rock - the bigger they are and all that jazz. She didn't actually care. She flipped open her cell and sent out a homing device. If the famous Iron Man didn't pick up to something that obvious, then there were going to be some issues.

The girl behind her stared in awe. "Are you a superhero?" she squeaked.

Darcy blinked. Was everyone with tasers and basic human dignity a superhero...? "Nah," she bristled, turning away, "those masks are way too tacky."

Her heels didn't clack because she was not, in fact, wearing heels, but she liked to pretend her tennis shoes were making clacking noises on the ground anyway.

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Congratulations Miss Lewis, and Welcome to Avengers Unleashed.
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Loki Layfeyson

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PostSubject: Re: 01 - So... You want to be a 'Canon' Character?   Sun Mar 03, 2013 6:18 pm

Character Name: Loki Layfeyson
Super Identity: (Loki is pretty much himself.)
Celebrity Face: Tom Hiddleston

Civilian Post:

Dawn. God of michief, the rightful king of asgard, had lost count of days and hours that had slipped by while he had been so silently sitting in his golden prison. The poison dripping from the mouth of a great, golden snake sculpture above him had been keeping him awake for days, while carving a huge, green scar on his bare shoulder. Unable to make a noise of any kind, the only thing keeping him even remotely sane were the incredibly detailed and intricate scemes of revenge, where he intimately ripped apart each of the avengers, over and over.
Silly had it been from asgardians to continue underestimating him. No prison of any dimension would hold his gloriousness, in the end. At that thought, he heard the locks on his prisons door clacking open.

Frigga... Mother. The last person Loki could bear to look in the eye at this moment. Keeping his eyes on the floor, he could feel most of the chains holding him drop on the floor at the snap of her fingers.
"Come with me, son. The Allfather wants to speak to you."

Battle Post:

Loki looked up, and there was the Allfather, in all his glory. Sitting on the throne that would ultimately belong to the god of mischief, who could feel grief, anger and frustration fill himself all over again just by looking at Odin. A father, who mercilessly gazed at him in silence.
"Loki. What do you suppose we do with you." He uttered, in a tired voice.
"Well with all due respect, allfather, I do not plan on taking my chances."
And having said that, Loki immediately grabbed his mothers neck by the chain boinding his wrists. In seconds only he multiplied himself countless times and slit the throat of every royal guard in the room, with their very own sword. Even of it took every inch of strength that was left in him.
"I am very sorry, mother." the real Loki whispered to Frigga, as he let her fall on the floor and dashed toward Odin. As a lot of bodies fell to the floor, he grabbed a sword from one of his multiples. And just as he raised his hand to strike it straight through Odin's chest, the sword was shattered into million pieces in mid-air.
Before he knew it, Loki felt his back hit the floor and a heavy boot pressing his chest. There was only one Loki in the room now, and he was below Odin's boot.
A furious, god-like voice echoed throgh the hall. "You are no more than a foolish boy, Loki. I was going to pardon you. You truly yearn to be Thor's equal? I banish you now from Asgard as I once banished him, until you are worthy of kissing my boots. If that is ever."

Quote :
Congratulations Loki Laufeyson.
Please add your surname to your Character name. If you cannot figure out how, please notify Steve Rogers and he will fix it for you. Other than that, I am impressed by your audition, and look forward to threading with you.

Loki is indeed exiled to Earth. Unfortunately, our Thor disappeared on us. Loki is welcome to find his own lodgings, or he can request lodgings from Shield.
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PostSubject: Re: 01 - So... You want to be a 'Canon' Character?   

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01 - So... You want to be a 'Canon' Character?

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