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 Pepper Potts

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Pepper Potts

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PostSubject: Pepper Potts   Pepper Potts EmptySat Aug 25, 2012 2:49 pm

The Basics

[Full Name]: Virginia Potts

[Also Known As]: Pepper

[Secret Identity]:


[Age]: 25

[Race]: Human

[Place of Birth]:

[Current Location]: Beijing, China

[Job]: CEO of Stark Industries


[Celebrity Face Claim]: Gwenyth Paltrow

[Hair Color & Style]: Long and red

[Eye Color]: Blue

[Skin Type]: Fair

[Height]: 5' 9"

[Body Type]: Slender

[Dress Style]: Business


Character Traits



[Strengths]: Accounting, Most anything to with business and handling a business correctly, negotiating deals, good under pressure, keeping calm


[Special Talents & Skills]:

[Good? Bad? Neutral?]: Good

[Do They Have a Sense of Right and Wrong?]: Yes








[Children]: none

[Other relatives?]:


[Pets]: none

[Friends]: Tony, Steve, Colson, JARVIS,


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Pepper Potts

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