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 03 - The Importance of a Character Face

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PostSubject: 03 - The Importance of a Character Face   Wed Jun 13, 2012 3:20 am

What Is A Character Face?

A Character Face is a real life celebrity that you choose to physically represent your character. It gives your role playing partners an idea of how your character looks. The celebrity can be an actor, musician, model, politician... anyone famous, really.

It is recommended that you take into consideration how many good images there are of your face before picking one. Having only a few good pictures may get boring after a while, no matter how perfect those few are.

Can't we just change if we aren't happy?

No. Changes may be allowed under certain circumstances, but they cannot be changed on a whim.

Check This Post First To See If The Face You Want is Available


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03 - The Importance of a Character Face

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