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 Julian Rowe

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Julian Rowe
Julian Rowe

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The Basics

[Full Name]: Julian Pierce Rowe

[Also Known As]: Jules

[Birthdate]: December 12, 1991

[Age]: 20

[Race]: Caucasian

[Place of Birth]: New York.

[Current Location]: New York

[Job]: Sales man in Music shop.


[Celebrity Face Claim]: Bradley Soileau

[Hair Color & Style]: Long, untidy dark blonde hair.

[Eye Color]: Hazel

[Skin Type]: Olive-ish

[Height]: 6'4"

[Body Type]: Average.

[Dress Style]: Casual. T-Shirts and jeans. Dress shirts if needed.

[Other]: Freckles along his nose and cheeks, most of his body covered in tattoos.

Character Traits

[Likes]: Food, cats, music, tattoos, comic books, reading, eating, sleeping, animals.
[Dislikes]: Annoying people, people taller than him, his boss, rude people.

[Strengths]: Artistic, he can adapt to anything, likes meeting new people, tolerance.

[Weaknesses]: Can be petty mean. He doesn't hold his feelings in, if you ask his opinion he will be brutally honest, not caring if it hurts the person or not.

[Desires]: To do something useful in life and to be accepted by people.

[Fears]: Being alone, the zoo, starving to death.

[Special Talents & Skills]: He doesn't really have any? He's a normal guy.

[Good? Bad? Neutral?]: Neutral

[Do They Have a Sense of Right and Wrong?]: Naturally. Unless it's something he wants, then he goes by instinct instead of putting together whether it would be right or wrong.


[Family]: His family are pretty chill people. His dad's his idol and his mom is his best friend. His family are very close and always have been. A typical american family.

[Personal]: He had a very happy childhood. When he left the house when he became of age, it was very hard. Even though still in the same state as his childhood home, he doesn't go back much, scared his parents aren't happy with his choices. After highschool, he didn't try to get a higher education. To him highschool was enough, and school just isn't for him ; another reason why he refuses to go back home. Going from couch to couch with his few friends, he finally got a job at a music shop, and able to pay for his own apartment near his job.


[Mother]: Miranda Rowe nee. Putnam

[Father]: William Rowe

[Siblings]: N/A

[Children]: N/A

[Other relatives?]: N/A


[Pets]: A ginger cat, Mr. Snuggles.

[Friends]: A few.

[Enemies]: None on his part.

[Acquaintances]: Everyone. He considers all of the people he meets as one at first.
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Julian Rowe

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