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 Tess Larson

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Tess Larson
Tess Larson

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The Basics

[Full Name]: Monica Jane Larson

[Also Known As]: Tess, Tesseract, Tohtori

[Birthdate]: December 17th, 1992

[Age]: 19

[Astrological Sign]: Saggitarius

[Chinese Zodiac]: Fire Rat

[Race]: Mutant

[Place of Birth]: Miami, Oklahoma

[Current Location]: Salem Center, New York

[Job]: X-Men Battle Medic Trainee


[Celebrity Face Claim]: JoAnna Garcia-Swisher

[Hair Color & Style]: Blonde & Wavy

[Eye Color]: Green

[Skin Type]: Fair

[Height]: 5'5"

[Body Type]: Slight

[Dress Style]: Business Casual


Character Traits





[Special Talents & Skills]:
Mutant Power[s]: Ability to 'bend' time. She can step outside of the time-stream and re-enter it in the same moment which she left. She can exist outside of time for an extended period. She can also slow time in a small area of effect, but it takes far more concentration and effort.
Physical Skills: Gymnastics from a young age come in handy to increase her speed and agility. Hand-to-hand combat skills are very minimal, but she does well with a bo staff.
Intelligence Level: Human Medical Doctorate, Trained in many forms of Mutant Medical Aide.


[Good? Bad? Neutral?]: Good

[Do They Have a Sense of Right and Wrong?]: Yes

[Do They Feel Guilty for Anything?]: At times she wonders if studying out of time would be considered cheating... but then she remembers that she needs the knowledge, and why not use the time she's given?



Monica was raised by her single mother because her father died in a work related accident before she was born. She was born six weeks prematurely, but strangely fully developed. Now that she knows how her mutant powers work, she believes she must have spent some time outside of time which is weird to consider since she would have been in her mothers womb. If her mother noticed anything weird with her, she put it off as having just a smart child. What she did not know was that her daughter was slipping out of the time stream to find the answer to her question and slipping back in before her mother noticed.


As she began realizing that she had special powers, Monica began testing how she could use them. One time, when she tried to clean her room before her mother opened the door, she found everything she had picked up back where it was when she re-entered the timestream. The only thing that remained as she thought it should be was her memories. So she learned. She started small by teaching herself to read. It was slow going at first because she had little control over her powers, and had to keep stopping to check and see if she was learning right. By the time she started school, she was more than ready to learn new things.

When Monica's advancement was pointed out by her teachers, it came to her attention that she should slow down before someone realized how she was doing it. She had seen news broadcasts about the evilness of mutants and did not want to bring that sort of pain on her mother. That was also why she turned away an invitation to join Xavier's School for Gifted Children. Finishing high school when most children her age were just starting it, Monica began taking college courses at the age of fourteen. With relations between humans and mutants getting better and better; she has also been studying different aspects of Mutant Medicine with Doctor Henry McCoy of the X-men since she turned eighteen. After successfully testing out of almost all of her pre-requisites, she managed to complete her Doctorate of Human Medicine at the age of nineteen.


[Mother]: Jackie Larson

[Father]: Tyler Edwards [Deceased]

[Siblings]: N/A

[Children]: N/A


[Pets]: None



[Acquaintances]: Doctor Henry "Beast" McCoy


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Tess Larson

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