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The Basics

[Non-Civilian Identity]: Ghost

[Also Known As]: Janet Scott


[Celebrity Face Claim]: N/A

Costume: Full body black suit, barefoot/gloveless, suit goes over the nose and mouth, only showing the from above the nose and up.
Genetic: shoulder-length black hair, blue-grey eyes, 5’7, 145 lbs
Other: circular metal sensors on finger tips, bottom of toes, heel, and palm of hand, glow electric blue when in use. (Sensors in eyes glow when in use as well).

[Key Colors]: Black, electric blue

[Armor Type]: body-suit

[Weapons]: A gun if she finds she cannot use her powers. However, she relies mainly on her powers so does not have the most accurate aim with a gun.

[Skills]: Wires run throughout her body which connect the sensors on her hand and feet to the sensors in her eyes. This allows her to send out vibrations and get and image back (a sort of echo-location) when her hands/feet are touching a solid object. The longer her hand/feet are held down, the more she can “see”. However, when this process is going on, she loses her ability to see through her actual eyes and has to rely on the image she sees from her sensors. Ex. If something was flying towards her head, she wouldn’t be able to see it, but if there was a desk in her way, she’d be able to sense/see it.
When she is using her sensors, she can manipulate objects. However, said objects must be attached to the ground. Ex. She cannot manipulate a, for example, helicopter because it is flying. If she was on the helicopter, then she could manipulate it. But she *must* be using her sensors to be able to do this.

[Unarmed Fighting Style]: She can throw a few punches and kicks, but those are last-resort and aren’t as effective of defense as her powers.

[Other]: When not fighting villains/super-villains, her civilian life consists of working with whatever minor job she can find. She never stays in one place for too long in order to avoid being discovered by the people who made her. The wires that run through her were surgically placed in her by an underground organization who wanted a weapon they could use to take down buildings/groups of people/ect. Janet worked for these people for a few years, until finally she decided she would escape from them and use her skills for the benefit of people, and not the organization’s. However, since she was their main source of attack, they continuously try to track her down. In order to avoid recognition, she wears a light-brown wig, dark brown colored contacts, and reading glasses in attempt to hide her identity. She also wears gloves and closed shows in order to hide the sensors on her hands and feet.


[Sidekick]: N/A

[Allies]: TBA

[Enemies]: N/A

[Acquaintances]: TBA
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