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 Clint Barton

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Clint Barton
Clint Barton

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The Basics

[Full Name]: Clint Barton

[Also Known As]: Clint, Hawkeye

[Birthdate]: December 7th, 1980

[Age]: 32

[Astrological Sign]: Sagittarius

[Chinese Zodiac]: The Monkey

[Race]: Human

[Place of Birth]: Waverly, Iowa

[Current Location]: Stark Tower/The Nest

[Job]: S.H.I.E.L.D agent, Superhero


[Celebrity Face Claim]: Jeremy Renner

[Hair Color & Style]: brown, spiked up a little at front, kinda tousled

[Eye Color]: blue-green

[Skin Type]: peachy with slight tanning

[Height]: 6’3”

[Body Type]: 210lbs, somewhat muscular specially in the arms

[Dress Style]: favors darker clothes and a dark trench coat


Character Traits

[Likes]: Watching others, Archery, staying fit, Doctor Who

[Dislikes]: Being called weak, not being in control of himself, not being focused

[Strengths]: Observant, keeps tabs on people and notices everything. His marksmen skills are rivaled by no one.

[Weaknesses]: A bit uptight. A loner for the most part making his teamwork a bit shoddy at times.

[Desires]: To prove to the world he does not need to be some enhanced being to fight those trying to bring unrest to society. To use his own hard earned talents to help those who need it.

[Fears]: Of losing control. Of being forgotten.

[Special Talents & Skills]: Archery or any other form of sharpshooting.

[Mannerisms or Habits]: Tends to watch others and gain his own intel when he has nothing to do. Shows his snarky side when irritated.

[Feelings on Their Own Personal Appearance?]: Doesn’t really care except he likes to be in shape so he cares for the physical aspect for reasons not related to vanity.

[Outgoing or shy?]: Shy but more he is not as social as the others.

[Optimist or pessimist?]: More a realist than anything. Likes to hope but realizes what will actually happen.

[Emotional or logical?]: Logical but stress can reveal emotion.

[Easily Embarrassed, or Out There for The World]: Does not care what the world sees on the outside but he worries about his symbolic image inside.

[Attitudes Toward Others?]: A bit gruff to others till they have proven to deserve his respect.

[Prefer Work or Play?]: Work because it keeps him busy but he considers fun a way to de stress.


[Good? Bad? Neutral?]: Neutral hinting towards good. Not completely one sided cause he has his issues.

[Do They Have a Sense of Right and Wrong?]: Most definitely. He can just choose what would be morally wrong if it suits his situation.

[Do They Feel Guilty for Anything?]: He feels guilty for not being there for his brother as much as he should have been when he was younger otherwise no.


[Dream Job]: He has the job he would want but he would have something that is less death dealing and more archery involved.

[Will They or Won't They Get it? Why?]: Not likely for S.H.I.E.L.D won’t let them leave voluntarily if they were to try for it.

[Want to Get Married?]: He would not be opposed to the idea but he would have to find a person that could deal with the insanity that is him and his life.

[Do You Want Children?]: If marriage were to happen he would not mind them.

[Their Dreams For the Future?]: To finally be able to leave S.H.I.E.L.D and retire

[Sum up your character with a single sentence.... could be something original or a quote]:
When life tears your whole self-down go out and work hard and you will achieve perfection in a new life you have made for yourself.


[Family]: His parents died when he was younger. He and his brother Barney are all that are left.

[Personal]: After his parents died he and his brother spent six years in an orphanage before running away and joining a circus where he learned to do archery. He practiced and became an expert of the art. He’s now become considered the best marksmen in the world. His skills landed him into trouble making people think he was a villain contrary to reality. He was recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D after his record was cleared and has been working for them ever since. Now a part of the Avengers, he goes by the name Hawkeye.


[Mother]: Harold Barton -deceased

[Father]: Edith Barton -deceased

[Siblings]: Charles Bernard "Barney" Barton

[Children]: N/A

[Other relatives?]: Talia Rose Barton - grandmother
Natasha Romanoff - fiance

[General Family Atmosphere]: Orphaned at a young age he does not have a real family atmosphere and him and his brother don’t speak.

[Best Memory About Family?]: His parent's death

[Worst Memory About Family?]: Losing his closeness with his brother


[Favorite Class/Subject]: N/A

[Least Favorite Class/Subject]: N/A

[Favorite Place to Hang Out]: N/A

[Clubs?: N/A

[Did This Character Play Sports? He’s an archer… that counts for something


[Pets]: none at the moment

[Friends]: Natasha, Coulson, Steve, Bruce

[Enemies]: Loki

[Acquaintances]: Thor, Tony, Nick Fury
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Clint Barton

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