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 Barney Barton

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Barney Barton
Barney Barton

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PostSubject: Barney Barton   Barney Barton EmptyTue Oct 16, 2012 1:41 am

The Basics

[Full Name]: Charles Bernard “Barney” Barton

[Also Known As]: Barney

[Secret Identity]: Trickshot

[Birthdate]: February 23rd, 1978

[Age]: 34

[Race]: white

[Place of Birth]: Waverly, Iowa

[Current Location]: Unknown

[Job]: Mercenary


[Celebrity Face Claim]: Misha Collins

[Hair Color & Style]: Shaggy dark hair

[Eye Color]: blue

[Skin Type]: tan

[Height]: 6’0

[Body Type]: Slim but sturdy with muscular build in upper body

[Dress Style]: Dark attire, tan trench coat and suits

[Other]: N/A

Character Traits

[Likes]: Archery, Chinese food, poker and bad jokes

[Dislikes]: His family and arrogant people

[Strengths]: Strong upper body strength, quick witted, clever and intelligent

[Weaknesses]: His brother and his morals

[Special Talents & Skills]:Excellent marksman only second to his little brother, good in fighting hand-to-hand, great reflexes and an exceptional athlete

[Good? Bad? Neutral?]: Neutral but leans to the bad side since he got a tad bit brainwashed

[Do They Have a Sense of Right and Wrong?]: He has a bit of a warped sense of it


[Family]: His parents died when he was younger. He and his brother Clint are all that are left except for their grandmother.

[Personal]: After his parents died he and his brother spent six years in an orphanage before running away and joining a circus. He became aggravated when he got overlooked because his little brother was being given all the attention. When the Swordsman got confronted by his brother for stealing he helped the man try and kill Clint after he refused to join them. He ended up sticking a knife in Clint’s stomach and pushing him off the stands before leaving him to die.

He deserted the Swordsman in favor of the Army. He served a tour of 7 years till he was 25 when he was discharged from the service. Then he was recruited by the FBI. During this time he met up with the original Trickshot and learned marksmanship from his brother’s old mentor. During an undercover case he was captured and brainwashed slightly. He escaped his captors but still felt resentment to the government he had been an employee of and began the life a mercenary and assassin.


[Mother]: Harold Barton -deceased

[Father]: Edith Barton –deceased

[Siblings]: Clinton “Clint” Francis Barton

[Children]: N/A

[Other relatives?]: Talia Rose Barton -grandmother


[Pets]: N/A

[Friends]: N/A

[Enemies]: His brother

[Acquaintances]: N/A
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Barney Barton

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